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Supermicro Server Manager (SSM)

Supermicro Server Manager (SSM) provides a comprehensive solution to manage and maintain Supermicro servers in an IT datacenter from a single console view.

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SSM also provides a CLI interface that allows users to automate server management from their infrastructure software.

SSM is beneficial for IT environments where

  1. IT Administrators need a centralized console to administer all Supermicro servers in datacenter
  2. Collect comprehensive information from IPMI and SuperDoctor® 5
  3. Avoid developing automation framework for server hardware management

Download SMCI™ Software
SSM SCOM Plug-in version 1.1.0
Supermicro CIM Agent version 1.1.0
Supermicro vCenter Plugin Unregistration Tool version 1.1.0
Supermicro vCenter Plugin Tool version 1.1.0
Supermicro Server Manager (SSM) version 2.4.0

Key Features

  1. Monitor server hardware and service health. Upgrade server BIOS and BMC/IPMI firmware and configurations
  2. Check asset information (SD5 should be installed on target managed nodes)
  3. Check system utilization through BMC/IPMI (Only available on X10 and later generation motherboards)
  4. Mount bootable .iso image file to install operating systems
  5. Flexibility to monitor and manage power on a node or in a rack with custom policies
  6. Remote console to target machines through VNC
  7. Log and report managed nodes information and availability
  8. Update SuperDoctor5 on target managed nodes remotely
  9. Exception notification through E-mail alerts and SNMP Trap
  10. Support host, service, event, system information queries, BIOS image, BMC firmware, BIOS settings and BMC configuration updates using REST APIs
  11. Support role-based access control
  12. Easy to use Web-based and command line interfaces
  13. Mass OS Deployment
  14. Integrate with LDAPv3 and AD Authentications
  15. Support asynchronous web commands
  16. Power management via the Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager (NM)
  17. BIOS and BMC firmware management via the Supermicro Update Manager (SUM)


Supermicro now offers plug-ins that integrates SSM into a customer’s interface. Take advantage of Supermicro’s OEM features through an UI that you are comfortable with. By using REST APIs, we can check all SSM managed hosts information and manage firmware.

Microsoft SCOM

SSM SCOM plug-in allows you to see all Supermicro host systems through a single point of management.

VMware vCenter

SSM vCenter plug-in is a multi-functional and easy-to-use tool that allows SSM managed hosts and vSphere ESXi hosts at the same time. The plug-in is installed on the vSphere Web Client.

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