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4U FatTwin Reference Architecture for S2D

Red Hat Gluster Storage on Supermicro Storage Servers Powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors

Unified Storage Deployment with Optimized Supermicro Total Solutions for Nexenta

2U TwinPro Reference Architecture for S2D

1U Ultra Reference Architecture for S2D


Supermicro Rack Scale Design (Supermicro RSD) Solution Brief

A Rack-Scale Total Solution Built on Open Standards

BigTwin – The Industry's Highest Performing Twin Multi-Node System

First and Only 2U Multi-Node Systems supporting 205 watt dual-Xeon Processors, 24 DIMMs per node, and 24 All-Flash NVMe

Supermicro Ultra All-Flash NVMe SuperServers for Real-Time Data Processing

90TB DWFT for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 Using 8-Way SYS-7088B-TR4FT with 16 NVMe

Certified 2U Ultra Reference Architectures For Data Warehouse Using Microsoft SQL Server

Optimizing VMware Virtual SAN with Supermicro All-Flash NVMe Systems

An Object Storage Solution for Data Archive Using Supermicro SSG-5018D8-AR12L and OpenIO SDS

70TB DWFT for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 Using Supermicro® Ultra 2028U with 24 NVMe

40TB DWFT for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Using Supermicro® Ultra 2028U with 24 NVMe

Supermicro SIOM

Supermicro SIOM – Most Flexible, Cost-Optimized Server I/O

22TB DWFT for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Using Supermicro® Ultra 2028U with Hybrid NVMe

Optimized Supermicro Storage Clusters

SuperStorage Servers Deploying Red Hat Ceph Storage are Optimized for Best Throughput and Capacity

Supermicro Modernizes the Datacenter with DMTF Redfish

Supermicro Supports Restful Redfish APIs

New Generation Servers Optimized for Extreme Low-Latency Trading

The Lowest Latency Solution: Supermicro 4th Generation Hyper-Speed Technology

All Flash NVMe Systems Deliver Order of Magnitude Performance and Efficiency Improvements

Ultra and "Simply Double" Solutions with All Flash NVMe and the latest Intel® Xeon® Processors Offer the Best IOPS, Power, and Cost Profiles

Improved Server Economics with New Generation Broadwell CPUs

Ultra SuperServers Equipped with New Generation Broadwell CPUs Achieve Best Price / Performance

Servers Optimized for Highest Performance and Performance-per-Watt

Introducing New SuperServers Equipped with Latest Generation Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v4 Product Family

Supermicro Hot-Plug NVMe Performance

Up to 5.9x Bandwidth and 7.2x Latency Improvements Over Standard SSDs

Supermicro's Storage AOC

1U 4 GPU Solution Extends Supermicro's Leadership in Supercomputing Servers

GPU / Xeon Phi™ SuperServers Offer Superior Performance, Density and Efficiency

CloudX Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for OpenStack with Supermicro

Ultra SuperServers Achieve Highest Performance-per-Watt to Maximize TCO Without Sacrificing Performance

Ultra SuperServer® Solves #1 Data Center Problem

Servers Optimized for Highest Performance-per-Watt

Enterprise Class SuperServers Provide Greatest Efficiency for Cloud and Hyperscale Data Centers

Ultra: Best-in-Class Performance and Virtualization

Supermicro MicroBlade

Micro Server Cost and Density with Blade Advantages

Supermicro Powers Mobile with CloudMosa

Body-Wave Extraction and Tomography for Earthquake Research:

A Collaboration Case Study between Stanford University Department of Geophysics and Supermicro

New Generation Servers Achieve Low-Latency World Records

Enterprise-Class Turnkey Ultra Server Solutions from Supermicro Set New STAC-N1 Benchmark Records

Supermicro Ethernet Switch Performance Test

Straightforward Public Domain Test Demonstrates 40Gbps Wire Speed Performance

Supermicro Titanium Power Supply Solution

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